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“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain

that which he cannot lose.” 

(Jim Elliott, October 48, 1949)

Lowell Qualls is giving his life to leaders who are serving the Church around the world.  Lowell is (1) Director of Leadership Development for Leadership Training International and (2) the president of E-Perspectives International, LLC (EPIC), serving as a life coach for pastors, missionaries and Christian business professionals.  He enjoys travel, golf, hunting, reading, writing and acting.

A Word From the Author: 

“I finished writing Dancing With The Healer twenty-two months after Becky and I were married. 

“If you think about it I think you’ll agree ... Becky is a very special person.  I want to thank her for the

2006 Wedding Day

Lowell’s last Senior Pastorate was at Trinity Assembly of God – a church he started in 1986.  In 2003, Vicki passed away after battling ovarian cancer for five years.  Two years later Lowell resigned to allow time to write Dancing With The Healer – the story of Vicki’s life using the record of her twenty-years of journals.  Dancing With The Healer has now been published on-line, and is available to read at no cost!

In August of 2006, Lowell married Dr. Rebecca Kiraly-Qualls.  Now Brandon and Chris have two new brothers, Ryan and Daniel.  The Quallses live in Midlothian, Virginia, and attend West End Assembly of God. 

Over Lowell’s 36 years of full-time ministry his work has taken him to 41 nations and overseas territories on four continents, teaching, preaching, overseeing international building projects, co-leading medical and dental mission teams, and doing videography. 

In early 2010, Lowell will be returning to the Dominican Republic and Tanzania, and making his first trips to Russia and The Philippines.

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tremendous support, wise counsel, unconditional love and gracious understanding she exhibited throughout the process.  I could not have written Dancing With The Healer without all the above.  She is truly my gift from God.

“I’m dedicating this Web Site to Becky, my sons, Brandon and Chris, and my step-sons, Ryan and Daniel.”

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Back in the spring of 1972, while in his first year of college, Lowell sensed that God was calling him into full-time Christian ministry.  He graduated from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri,  in 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. 

While attending CBC, Lowell met Vicki.  She was attending Evangel University at the time.  They were married in 1973, and enjoyed 30 years of marriage and ministry.  They had two sons – Brandon and Christopher.  Over their years together Lowell was the Lead Pastor at two churches, the Assistant Director of a para-Church Christian concert and outdoor music festival, and a Youth and Education Pastor at two churches. 

Lowell understands the unique challenges of contemporary pastoral ministry.  He is very familiar with the confines of the “goldfish bowl” pastors, their wives and their children live in (himself being the son of a prominent pastor in the Washington, D.C., area).  Along the way he faced the mid-life discouragement that attacks the majority of pastors and missionaries.   He experienced the difficulties of raising “pastors’ kids.”   He dealt with the death of a spouse and its aftermath.   And because Lowell successfully faced so many experiences, he has been allowed the high privilege of “pastoring pastors.”

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